Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Rainy Days In Sweden

Ha! Is this really the Spring or Summer Weather 2012?

Well, what can a human do when Mother Nature decide what she wants to do? For the meantime, I am just waiting and wishing for the very best weather, for us to enjoy. 

I was off today, due to some allergy reactions but nothing serious. It is a cool and quiet Thursday, in my part. I even finished the clothes ironing today, while our helper is on holiday. When I am home, I can't just sit and have a time for relaxation. I feel so restless, so, I went to check what I have in the fridge and I found some interesting  ideas.

Cold and Rainy? It's GINATAAN Time...

In the Philippines, where I came from originally, when time like this? I remember, Mum, my sisters and neighbouring families gathered and made this root-crop with coconut milk and brown sugar. Ahhh! what a Nostalgic moment I had alone, home §;-(

Seems I am missing home (again)
It is so easy to do this "ginataan" 

Mix all the root-crop:

Sweet potatoes
Taro roots
Sago or pearl tapioca
Brown sugar (I use the Swedish variation)
1 can coconut milk
Optional: vanilla 

To do:
Bring to boil until done... 

So simple but yummy... This Filipino snack might not fit to everybody but it won't harm trying. 

Hope you enjoy and keep coming and watch! Till then...

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