Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cheeky-Bacon alá Rich---

This is another EZ peasy done...

Many people I know, always complain and had a bit of problem planning their meals. Whether it is easy or hard to cook, in my world, I always have time to it? I guess, many mother's, know what I am talking about, "aren't you, mums"?

If you have young kiddos or teen-agers, they always are so picky on what we "Mums" serve. Sometime, it's so devastating to persuade them to try? My lil daughter (then...) was a heartbreaking in the name of food. She don't even used nursery bottles. Imagine? feeding her the gruel in the middle of the night §;-( it makes me so sad thinking of it. But that's another story.

Anyhow, at D´Box (what I called my home), I planned a week b4, on what to cook for dinner for the week. Then, when our kids, get older, let them join you the planning. Always plan at least, you have a day/evening luxurious food. As I said, before, it doesn't mean "luxury", this always attached to expensive.

"I always prepared one luxurious dish a week. Friday or Saturday"

½ kg chicken fillet
2 pkt bacon (light) if you are a weight watcher
1 pkt Prosciutto
1 bundle asparagus

250 g Ricotta cheese or Cream cheese (kids friendly taste)
2 Lemons (1 to kneed the fillet)
Salt & lemon pepper to taste

Pick your kids choice
1 pkt cherry tomatoes
1 pkt green aspargus
Tex Mex rolls (for bribery) LoL*

Mix root veges: Always omit the veges if your kids don't like it
Sweet potatoes
Fresh thyme
Salt flakes
Black pepper
Olive oil

To do:
-Always wash the meat with lemon juice and zest to take the smell and the slimmy thing. I learnt this tip from my mum and this always works. LET IT DRIP... 
- Cut a pocket like in the fillet and stuck the cheese in .
- Close the pocket with toothpick then wrap it with bacon thoroughly until it covers the fillet well.
- Fry fillet with a lactose free lard (if your not lactose intolerant) it is ok to use whatever you have. Be sure not to fry well done.
- Transfer the fillet in a baking dish. Cover when bake until your chicken is done
- Fry or grill the asparagus of wrap prosuitto 

Prepare the Veges:
Wash and peel the root crops and slice them to your liking. Mix them in a baking dish, sprinkle the salt flakes and the olive oil. Cut the fresh time into short size. Blend well and bake it until it's done.

If you are not a weight watchers, then make a simple gravy just to give your dish a little life. I do prefer the lemon and a salad dressing balsamico.
Garnish TEX MEX chips b4 serving.


½ kg kycklingfilé
2 pkt bacon (lätt) om du är en vikt watcher
1 pkt Prosciutto
250 g Ricotta ost eller färskost (barnvänlig smak)
2 citroner (1 till att knåda/tvätta av filérna)
Salt & citron peppar
Välj alltid dina barn vill ha...
1 pkt körsbärstomater
1 pkt grön sparris
Tex Mex rullar (för mutor) LoL *

Blanda rotfrukter: alltid utesluta rotfrukterna om dina barn inte gillar dem
färsk timjan
salt flingor

Att göra:
-Tvätta alltid köttet med citronsaft och skal för att ta lukt och den  slimmiga sak. Jag lärde mig detta tips från min mamma och det alltid fungerar. Låt det droppa ...
- Klipp en ficka som i filén och stack osten i.
- Stäng fickan med tandpetaren sedan linda den med bacon ordentligt tills den täcker filén väl.
- Stek filén med en laktosfri ister eller smör (om du inte laktosintolerant) är det ok att använda de du har. Var noga med att inte steka väl.
- Flytta filén i en ugnsform. Täck då så tills kycklingen är klar. Detta hindrar att brinna baconet.

Förbered veges:
Tvätta och skala rotfrukter och skiva dem som passa dig. Blanda dem i en ugnsform, strö  flingsalt och olivolja. Skär den färska timjan i korta bitar. Blanda väl och grädda den tills den är klar.

Om du inte är en viktväktaren, du kan göra en enkel brunsås bara för att ge din maträtten lite liv. Jag föredrar citron och en sallad dressing balsamico.



  1. Your photos are so stunning and colorful!! They just draw me right into the computer screen and make me want to take a bite!!

    1. Thank you so much Kitty. Hope you come back and might get some recipe's that attract your interest.

      Happy mid-week.

      Pls don't miss my other blogsite. You might find interesting ideas there too, or maybe join some of my giveaways. I have on going giveaway and will end on Saturday.