Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sandwich Cake--- A Week-end Yum

Week-End, a great time for chillaxing...

Hubby finishes his work a lil late but came home in time. I was home in time too and as we are two at home, there is no reason to rush home. So, I dropped by to my fave curtain shop and I was just looking or getting some ideas for new curtains (maybe?). Anyhow,  I found some and grabbed some (of course) *wink 

It's week-end and this time, it is for just the 2 of US...

Here is D´Box SC...
Very normal treat in Sweden... while can be so fancy treat to other countries...
My Style...

1 loaf rye bread
1 dl mayonnaise 
1½ dl creme fraiché
½ cooking cream
3 hard boiled eggs
1 pkt smoked salmon
2 dl peeled shrimps
1 dl salted roe caviar (black or red)
Veges to your likes
Salt, pepper to taste
To do:
- Cut the bread edges...
Prepare all other ingredients in a deep dish while cooking the eggs.
- Mix mayonnaise, creme fraiché, cooking creme, caviar ( I used light products) and mix it thoroughly
- Cut the eggs in small pieces
- Add shrimps, cut eggs caviar and spices to mayo mix
- Mix it with a blender. Be sure not mix too loose
Then, dip the bread to the mayo mixture and layer it nicely in a server... I just done a two layer cake...
* If you wish to have something in between the layer, feel free to mix, your choice: paté, tuna, ham, more sliced eggs, etc etc... I prefer simple this time...

When you are done..either you DECORATE your cake directly or let stand overnight for a tastier taste. 
I stand/refrigirate my cake overnight and I decorated it this morning. Here is the outcome. Let your fantasies overdose your decorating ideas. I added the phalaenopsis, reminding my ethnicity. No offend, folks... this is just my way of expressing my personality in decorating. For more personal touch, indeed.
Hope you try some of this. If you find hard finding the ingredients? If you have the IKEA, then you can find the right stuffs. I always modify in all cooking or baking I am doing. I never follow all the "to do/procedure" thing. It can't be poisoned if I missed or omit a thing in my doing, can I? So bring out your dishes, your pans and your great server and play your wildest fantasies.. This is a great food to end the week-end. HAPPY WEEK-END to all my beautiful people of the blogiesphere.


  1. Hi lovely lady.
    This looks so good and Yummy for a dinner party. I need to keep this one!! hope the one I do will look like yours... You did a Beautiful job putting this all together.. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Earth Day Tablescape. Hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  2. Aha! I see!!! This is a really great idea, Chie! Thanks for sharing the link with me!!!