Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Filipino Sour Soup for Lunch


The first time I post something about this very famous soup in the Philippines. This soup is absolutely easy to make and this also good for those who lessens their carbs intake (like me) however, when it comes to Filipino  or generally Asian recipes, a bowl or two LöL* of rice is a must.

Today, I am home for some reasons beyond my control and I have a time for a mammography. No Panic! This is only a yearly check-up. So, I have time cooking this soup while I do some household chores.

Remember I said, cook rice in every Asian food? 
In this soup, it is very normal that we, Filipinos use the water when you wash the rice.
That will be the soup of my "Soup", am I going complicated?


½ kg pork with bone (to make the soup tastier)
1 yellow onion
3-4 beef tomatoes ( I use cherry tomatoes, I had in reach)
I use Paksoi , as I have this and if you have (Kangkong) Water Spinach) you can usually find this in almost Asian stores 
1 bundle of string beans or green beans
Salt + black pepper to taste
2 tsk sour mix (tamarind mix- 12SEK or 1.50$) or  use 2 lemons

To do:
- Bring the pork to boil until done
- Mix all the veges: 
In order: onion, tomatoes= all harder veges then end put the leaves last. Just simmer for maybe 2-3 minutes not more to keep the veges al dente.
Easy... takes you 35 minutes not more, well depends on your meat. I used to pound the meat b4 to lessen the boiling method.


½ kg fläsk med ben (för att göra soppan godare)
1 gul lök
3-4 bifftomater (jag använder körsbärstomater, jag har hemma)
Paprika olika färger

Jag använder Paksoi, eftersom jag har hemma och om du har (Kangkong Vatten Spenat) den är ännu bättre. Man hittar den i nästan alla asiatiska affärer.
1 bunt gröna bönor
Salt + svartpeppar efter smak
2 tsk syrlig blandning (tamarind mix-12SEK eller 1,50 $) eller använd 2 citroner

Att göra:
- Koka fläskköttet tills det är mört och klart
- Här den syrling blanding eller citronsaft i soppan
-Krydda eftersmak
- Blanda alla grönsakerna:
Först: lök, tomater = alla hårdare grönsaler sedan paksoi. Bara sjuda  2-3 minuter inte mer för att hålla grönsakerna al dente.
Lätt som en plätt ... den tar bara 35 minuter, eller beror på köttet. Jag brukade dunka köttet innan för att minska den kokande metoden.
Hoppas Ni klarar och gillar denna.


  1. wow that does look sooo yummy...I will be making that soon...

    1. TY so much for dropping by Phyllis...

      I enjoyed visiting you so much.

      Happy w/end ahead.


  2. Hello CC,
    really interesting recipe. I have never cooked a filipino recipe, but many other asiatic dishes. That soup sounds yummy. Thank you for the new recipe.
    I hope you will enjoy your stay in Berlin.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  3. Looks so easy and delicious! What a great idea.

  4. You are making me crave for sinigang now, Chie. Can you get ingredients there? I notice you even have kangkong.BTW, did you notice my profile picture? It was taken in Stockholm...Christine

    1. Ate Xine,
      Yes, we have most Asian products. But most of them are from Thailand or Vietnam etc. However, they have the Filipino stuffs too. The veges are almost the same. Ala lang malungay. SOmetimes, may alugbati §;-)

      Ate! pls help me. Paano ba maibalik yong Chubby Chieque ko?
      Di ko alam why I have prob with blogger's- As long I comment you ladies, my link ended to this new foodie blog and not to CC?
      Di ba 2 blogs mo? Pls help. Thank you sa uulitin.